New World – New Thinking!

     I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve as president of The African American Real Estate Professionals of New York, Inc. (AAREPNY), an organization traditionally dedicated to advancing African-American professionals and businesses in the real estate industry, advancing real estate development in African-American communities and developing awareness of African-Americans in real estate related subject matters.  However, as I assume this role, the Board, Executive Officers and I, find ourselves at a critical juncture.

We recognize that the world is changing and that the organization has grown beyond its grass roots.  As a non-profit solely dedicated to the interest of African-Americans, our work to sustain our mission of inclusion and diversity obligated us to critically examine the manner in which we operate to ensure continued relevance and value to our broader stakeholders. Our goal is to create a network of diverse real estate professionals across ethnicities, across the nation and, hopefully the world. Therefore, AAREPNY has changed its name to the Council of Urban Real Estate or CURE. The purpose of this rebranding and renaming is to broaden our advocacy for diversity and inclusion in real estate to include all minorities and underrepresented real estate professionals.

     With the 2014 rebranding of AAREPNY we will expand the positive impact it has had on our stakeholders.  New programming will address often overlooked issues facing minorities and women and their pursuit of leadership within the real estate industry.  Ultimately, the true power of CURE will lie in the hearts and minds of the ever increasing number of diverse real estate professionals we serve, and the broader industry where they act as ambassadors, carrying forward the message and vision of CURE.  Demonstrating the agility to thrive during these times, we are – once again – showcasing our skillful ability to manage through uncertain times, while positioning ourselves to take full advantage of the opportunities a “new normal” would present for diverse talent and for greater multicultural perspectives in years ahead.